Lily's Shuangjing Menu

Steak and EggsImported NEW YORK Steak with two eggs, Toast plus choice of Home fries / Baked Beans / Grilled Tomatoes.129
Fish and ChipsLightly battered cod with french fries and coleslaw.69
Grilled SalmonFresh Norwegian salmon with vegetables.129
Joes RibeyeImported US Angus Beef with your choice of potato, vegetables and coleslaw.169
Jumbo Breakfast2 Eggs, 2 Strips of Bacon, 1 Slice of Country Ham, 2 Sausages, Toast plus choice of Home fries / Baked Beans / Grilled Tomatoes.79
The Eye OpenerA breakfast sandwich that works any time of the day. Toasted bread lightly buttered with mayo, bacon, lettuce, sliced tomato, and thinly sliced red onion, imported cheddar cheese with a fried egg that is slightly runny. Trying is believing. Enjoy!45
Buttermilk PancakesButtermilk pancakes plus two eggs plus a choice of bacon / sausage / ham.49+
French Toast2 or 3 slices of French toast. Add two eggs plus a choice of bacon / sausage / ham.49+
GranolaWe think this cereal is a great way to start the day or to have as a snack anytime. We bake our muesli on site with large rolled oats, a variety of nuts and dried fruits. Served on top of a small bowl of yogurt (no sugar) with honey on the side to drizzle over everything. 39
Smoked Salmon w Scrambled EggsCreamy and moist scrambled eggs with toast and a side of Norwegian sourced smoked salmon. A great dish any time of the day.55
WaffleWaffle plus 2 eggs plus a choice of either sausage or ham or bacon.49
Cheese OmeletteCheese Omelette with cheese, Home Fries or Beans or Grilled Tomatoes and toast.45
Spanish omeletteOmelette with green pepper, onions, tomatoes, cheese and salsa. Choice of home fries or beans or grilled tomatoes and toast.55
Western OmeletteOmelette with green pepper, onion, country ham and cheese. Choice of home fries or baked beans or grilled tomatoes and toast.55
Lilys OmeletteOmelette with shrimp, feta cheese, green peppers and onion. Choice of home fries or baked beans or grilled tomatoes and toast.59
Open Faced Sandwich with AvocadoFresh 'mashed' avocado over toast and lightly drizzled with olive oil and fresh lemon juice. A runny poached egg and bacon with chopped cilantro on top makes this an all day favourite. Note - chili flakes are served on the side for an over the top explosion of flavours.45
Onion RingsLightly seasoned & coated onion rings.29
GuacamoleThe freshest ingredients mixed at your table. Onions, spicy green peppers, chopped tomatoes, coriander and avocado.49
HummusOvertones of garlic and pure seasame oil with a hint of fresh lemon makes this dish an instant favourite. Plated with fresh vegetables and pita for dipping.39
Smoked SalmonCream cheese over lightly toasted dark bread layered with Norwegian smoked salmon,thinly sliced red onion and capers39
NachosSour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, avocado, salsa with tortilla chips. Your choice of cheese with bean, shredded chicken or spiced ground beef for that something extra.59
Chicken WingsOur version of Buffalo wings - spicy but not over the top. A plateful of eight wings comes with celery sticks and our own blue cheese dressing.59
Spring RollsYour choice of vegetarian, shrimp or chicken with fresh herbs, lettuce, rice vermicelli that are all wrapped in a moistened rice paper served cold with a dipping sauce.39
Mushroom SoupFresh mushrooms and chicken stock forms the base for this soup. Lightly infused with fresh cream makes this soup a year round favorite.20
Minestrone SoupCelery, onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, beans are but a few of the vegtables that make this one of our favorite soups. We also top ours with some shaved parmesan cheese and fresh basil for an authentic Italian taste!20
Lilys SaladSalad with bacon, avocado, chicken breast, tomato, hard boiled egg and greens.79
Protein SaladThe name says it all: grilled steak placed on top of fresh greens with sliced tomatoes, red onion, hard boiled eggs and chunks of imported cheddar cheese. Man up for this salad. Your choice of dressing on the side. 79
Greek SaladChopped tomatoes, onions and cucumbers with real Kalamata olives and feta cheese on top.49
Caesar SaladRomaine lettuce and seasoned croutons with parmesan cheese and caesar dressing.39+
Arugula and Avocado SaladSliced avocado, seasonal fruit, Whole walnuts and arugula make for a light and healthy salad. Your choice of dressing on the side.69
Lilys Brothers HeroChicken parmesan that is breaded and lightly grilled with parmesan cheese and marinara sauce. This is truly a hungry man's meal.49
Veggie Lovers HeroEggplant, Hummus, Mint and Feta Hero - when we first thought about trying this sandwich we said maybe a bit too much going on. Like a lot of our first impressions we were wrong. This sandwich is an explosion of flavors that makes us forget about asking where is the beef and is our new favourite Hero - it could be yours too!49
Italian Grilled ChickenFull flavored chicken lightly grilled in olive oil with sautéed vegetables with your choice of fries or salad.59
Joes Pulled PorkSlow roasted pork that is full of flavor with our own Lily's special BBQ sauce with a side of fries and creamy coleslaw. Simply delicious!59
Lilys BurgerGrilled patty of ground beef with a slice of cheese, bacon and fresh creamy coleslaw. An instant classic.55
Texas BurgerGrilled patty of ground beef combined with our own smoky BBQ sauce, onions and green chile’s then topped with freshly made guacamole, cheese, and tomatoes for a great big Texas flavor. Don’t mess with Texas!59
Cheese BurgerGrilled patty of ground beef placed between sesame coated hamburger buns served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo and pickles. Add Bacon45+
Blue Cheese BurgerGround beef patty between sesame coated buns served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and cheese. Add Bacon55+
Chicken BurgerGrilled tender breast of chicken that has been lightly seasoned. Placed between a sesame coated hamburger bun with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, mayo and pickles. 39+
Vegetarian BurgerWe have tweaked our original vegetarian burger recipe and we are proud of the results. Full flavoured with a good bit of spice. Lightly grilled in olive oil and served on a bun with salsa and sour cream on the side.39
Ross Mums WrapA special customer recipe that we want to share with everyone. Our own special Caesar dressing, onions, feta and parmesan cheese and lettuce combined with freshly grilled chicken breast or Shrimp.55+
Club SandwichFresh chicken breast / eggs with, bacon, ham, lettuce and tomato with just the right amount of mayo.55
Grilled CheeseGrilled buttered bread with processed sliced cheddar cheese melting through the sides.25+
Tuna MeltTuna salad and melted Swiss cheese on toasted bread.45
BLTBacon, lettuce and tomato with your choice of fresh bread.29
Lilys Avocado and Shrimp sandwichthis sandwich is a first for Lily's but likely not our last given how our staff jast love this new sandwich creation. Lightly seasoned poached shrimp, slices of avocado, thinly sliced cucumber with our own special dill sauce spread over freshly onsite baked bread.what's not to like?59
BurritosA soft homemade flour tortilla lightly grilled and wrapped around a combination of ingredients: beans, lettuce, peppers, cheese to name a few.49+
Joes BurritoGrilled lean steak, black beans, onion, jalapeno, rice, bell peppers and cheese.59
QuesadillaTortilla filled with your choice of cheese / chicken / beef / shrimp plus our special seasonings. Salsa + Sour Cream on the side.49+
TacosChoose one: Beef/Chicken. We garnish our tacos with cilantro, tomatoes, onions and lettuce. Salsa + Sour Cream on the side.55
Fish TacoAn explosion of flavours - think cilantro, lime, green chiles to name a few. Two small soft shelled tacos filled with grilled fish, salsa, thinly sliced red onion and cabbage. Perfect with a glass of our fresh Kirin draft beer.59
BologneseTomato and meat sauce. All are sauces are infused with traditional Italian spices and freshly chopped basil.39+
Chicken ParmesanChicken breast dipped in a mixture of beaten eggs, breaded, shallow fried and topped with a meat sauce and mozzarella.79
NapolitanoLight tomato sauce with fresh basil. Add shrimp.39+
PestoA light sauce made with pine nuts and fresh basil leaves.39
AlfredoA rich cream and parmesan sauce.39
ArrabbiataA spicy tomato based sauce with a variety of peppers. Add Shrimp39+
Pizza MargheritaTomato sauce, cheese and Italian spices.30/40
Lilys PizzaPepperoni, ground beef, ham, sausage plus onion, green pepper, mushrooms and black olives.69/89
Pepperoni PizzaPepperoni with cheese and tomato sauce.49/59
Vegetarian PizzaGreen pepper, mushroom, onion, tomato sauce and cheese.49/55
Meat Lovers PizzaPepperoni, ham, ground beef, sausage plus bacon.59/79
Build Your Own PizzaTomato sauce, cheese and Italian spices.30/40+
Soft DrinksWe have a wide variety of soft drinks available.12+
Imported DrinksWe have imported soft drinks available.15
Tea and OthersWe have Tea drinks, and Hot Chocolate available.20
WatersWe have a selection of bottled waters.5+
Fresh JuicesWe have a selection of fresh juices.30+
Milk Shakes and FloatsWe have a variety of milk shakes available.20+
Smoothies with YogurtFresh Fruit Mixed Smoothies made with Plain Yogurt.30
BeerWe carry domestic and imported beers.15+
CocktailsWe have a selection of cocktail drinks available.50
Ice Coffee and Ice TeaWe have ice coffee and ice tea drinks available.20+
French PressWe think this is one of the best ways to enjoy our in restaurant daily roasted and fresh ground coffee.20
AmericanoFull flavour direct from our espresso machine with no added hot water. If you are looking for intense flavour and caffeine this is the choice for you.20
LatteMade with espresso and imported milk that is steamed. Smooth tasting with the right combination of milk and coffee. Served in a glass with a handle for ease of drinking.20
CappuccinoComposed of espresso and hot milk, with the surface topped with foamed milk. We use a combination of imported milk and cream to create the desired richness for this favourite LAD coffee drink.20
MochaA summer favorite that is delicious hot or iced. Infused with chocolate this is such a sweet drink any time of year.25
EspressoIntense and strong but so good when the extra caffeine is needed.15+
MachiattoOne single espresso and added foam. Rich and smooth at the same time. Great coffee to enjoy any time of the day.20
Flat WhiteWe got on the bandwagon and now offer what we think is one of the smoothest and tasiest coffee drinks. We only use imported milk.25
House White Signos Chardonnay A medium-light body wine that pairs perfectly with any of our fish dishes but is especially good with our grilled salmon and fish taco.35/119
House Red Signos Shiraz ArgentinaThis is a great all-purpose red for many of our dishes or simply as a drink on its own. This Shiraz pairs extremely well with our spicy Tex-Mex dishes and any of our grilled meats such as Joe's Ribeye.35/119
DE BORTOLI AustraliaA refreshing sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir with a clean, crisp finish.129
CheesecakeHard to believe how Chef Joey could improve upon the already famous LAD cheese cake but hehas. Now served as an individual cake with ever changing seasonal berries. Perfect to share but even better just for yourself. Delicious.30
Apple PieWe think it might be a law that all diners serve apple pie. Our version uses fresh apples infused with cinnamon and a light sprinkling of nutmeg. Our crust is light and flakey just like Moms version. Add ice cream.30
BrownieSoft and chewy with an intense chocolate flavor. Great to try any time of the day. 30
SidesWe have several side dishes available. Choose fries, salad, salsa, sour cream, cole slaw or hash browns5+